Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marilyn's First Week

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Wow...has it already been a week?  It has been the best experience imaginable for our little family.

As you know, Marilyn had a rough start (see more about that here and here) but has quickly mended and is thriving.  She's putting on quite a bit of weight and cute baby fat (especially in the face!).  She's met so many people and been showered in love constantly.

I took quite a bit of video this week.  The video below is probably what I enjoyed making the most, though.  It was Marilyn's first adventure with daddy.

As promised, here are a LOT of pictures.

This was taken shortly after Marilyn's eye swelling began to decrease.  It was amazing to see her beautiful little peepers.  I think it is my favorite picture ever.
 photo DSC00282.jpg

Grandma and Granddad Raffey enjoying some Marilyn time.
 photo DSC00261.jpg

So happy to see the eyes!
 photo DSC00277.jpg

Getting ready to document her first year!
 photo DSC00287.jpg

Daddy got her dressed in her very first outfit.  Thanks Auntie Erin!
 photo DSC00293.jpg

Finally relaxed in the car seat.
 photo DSC00300.jpg

Ready for her first car ride.  Going home from the hospital!
 photo DSC00304.jpg

On her first night home Marilyn had a bunch of people over for a party.
 photo DSC00315.jpg

Julie P gets to hold Marilyn for the first time.
 photo DSC00318.jpg

"Put the boob RIGHT HERE, mom!"
 photo DSC00322.jpg

Courtney getting to hold Marilyn for the first time.
 photo DSC00323.jpg

Weighing in at our 2-day, home visit.  Already over her birth weight!
 photo DSC00326.jpg

"What's up?"
 photo DSC00334.jpg

"Nanny nanny boo boo!"
 photo DSC00352.jpg

Big, beautiful eyes.
 photo DSC00361.jpg

"What's that over there?"
 photo DSC00367.jpg

Taking a nice nap in her rocker.
 photo DSC00382.jpg

Our neighbor, Gracie, getting to hold Marilyn for the first time.
 photo DSC00385.jpg

Taking a nap on Daddy's chest.  This is a regular occurrence now, and I absolutely LOVE it.
 photo DSC00398.jpg

"Dad, you're being a dork!"
 photo DSC00402.jpg

Swaddled and sleeping.
 photo DSC00406.jpg

Out for our first walk and adventure.
 photo DSC00415.jpg

At the lake.
 photo DSC00414.jpg

Meeting some girls at the park.
 photo DSC00417.jpg

 photo DSC00419.jpg

"Daddy, look how long I am!"
 photo DSC00421.jpg

"Gramma" Brown getting to hold Marilyn for the first time.
 photo DSC00428.jpg

More sleep on Daddy's chest.
 photo DSC00437.jpg

"Uncle" Jake holding Marilyn for the first time.
 photo DSC00441.jpg

She's got Daddy's feet.
 photo DSC00444.jpg

First Penn State game.
 photo DSC00445.jpg

Mommy and Marilyn celebrate a PSU touchdown!
 photo DSC00451.jpg

Grandma Bettner holding Marilyn.
 photo DSC00455.jpg

Wake-up time.
 photo DSC00461.jpg

Big smiles at Mommy!
 photo DSC00464.jpg

Milk drunk.
 photo DSC00472.jpg

"Mommy I'm so hungry!"
 photo DSC00474.jpg

Burp time.
 photo DSC00480.jpg

Marilyn in her Sunday best for her first church service.
 photo DSC00493.jpg

Stacee holding Marilyn for the first time.
 photo DSC00495.jpg

The family heading back home.
 photo DSC00498.jpg

"Look how much I'm growing!"
 photo DSC00507.jpg

"What's going on over there?"
 photo DSC00509.jpg

Taking a nap to prep for her first Green Bay game.
 photo DSC00527.jpg

"It's been a good week.  Time for a nap with Mom."
 photo DSC00534.jpg

"My first bath."
 photo DSC00547.jpg

"I'm drying off and warming up.  I'll see you all again soon!"
 photo DSC00563.jpg

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