Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marilyn's first day photos

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I've been asked by countless people to post more pictures.  Here you go.

I told you HERE that the delivery was pretty traumatic.  This is a picture about 10 minutes after Marilyn started breathing.  You can see that she is awfully swollen and starting to get color to her little body.  Poor little thing!  I still think she's beautiful, but you can see why I was so worried (when it was worse and she wasn't breathing!).
 photo DSC00146.jpg

First time being held by Mommy.
 photo DSC00149.jpg

 photo DSC00150.jpg

 photo DSC00173.jpg

Our first Daddy & Daughter time.  MANY more to come.
 photo DSC00176.jpg

About 1.5 hrs after delivery both Kelly and Marilyn are exhausted.
 photo DSC00151.jpg

Getting weighed in.  Still swollen, but at least now she can open her eyes a bit.  Look at her feet...I think she takes after her dad!
 photo DSC00155.jpg

I'd be cranky too if I just went through that!
 photo DSC00159.jpg

Marilyn just ate and is exhausted.
 photo DSC00163.jpg

First time being held by Grandma Raffety.
 photo DSC00179.jpg

I'm the proudest papa you ever did see!
 photo DSC00183.jpg

Kelly wakes from a nap to see Marilyn still sleeping.
 photo DSC00184.jpg

A little bit of heaven.
 photo DSC00186.jpg

The MLB rookie card...get it?!?!
 photo DSC00222.jpg

Addison and Marilyn meeting each other for the fist time.
 photo DSC00229.jpg

"My eye swelling isn't gone, but at least I can open my eyes more easily now!"
 photo DSC00232.jpg

Big yawn before her first night with Mom and Dad.
 photo DSC00242.jpg

Rockin' out with headphones during her hearing test.  She aced it, of course!
 photo DSC00253.jpg

Deep slumber after a massive feast.  She eats like a Bettner!
 photo DSC00259.jpg

That's all for now.  I'm going to try to do a "1 Week In Review" post next week for all those that are interested.

Thanks again for all of the love, prayers and support.  It truly means a lot to Kelly and I during this amazing time in our lives.

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