Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Month of Marilyn!

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The past month with my wonderful little daughter has been the most amazing blessing I could imagine. I love being her dad.

Marilyn's First Month Video:
One Month of Marilyn Leah Bettner from Joel Bettner on Vimeo.

The following pictures are from the end of Marilyn's first week to the end of her first month.

Marilyn with Special Guests:

Time with Granddad Raffety
 photo DSC00591.jpg

Being soothed by Grandma Raffety.
 photo DSC00601.jpg

"Hi Grandma Bettner!"
 photo DSC00709.jpg

Being burped by Uncle Jake.
 photo DSC00754.jpg

"Hey Renick!"
 photo DSC00569.jpg

With Auntie Julie in the blanket that Auntie Julie knitted.
 photo DSC00822.jpg

Auntie Julie and Auntie Erin visit.
 photo DSC00837.jpg

Marilyn's Special Events:

Being dedicated at church.
 photo DSC00670.jpg

First hike - going to the top of North Table Mountain.
 photo DSC00717.jpg

2-week weigh-in.  "I gained a pound?  You've gotta be kiddin' me!"
 photo DSC00722.jpg

First time being fed by dad.
 photo DSC00804.jpg

First time atop an alpine peak with mommy.
 photo DSC00856.jpg

First time atop an alpine peak with daddy.
 photo DSC00858.jpg

Time at Berthoud Pass.
 photo DSC00876.jpg

Reading about nature with dad.
 photo DSC00878.jpg

First time on snow!
 photo DSC00882.jpg

 photo DSC00885.jpg

Sticking her tongue out in the mountains with mommy.
 photo DSC00896.jpg

1 month old.
 photo DSC00931.jpg

General Cuteness:

Sweet dreams on her sheepskin.
 photo DSC00610.jpg

Hangin' with mom.
 photo DSC00629.jpg

Marilyn Leah Bettner with her MLB ball.  "Thanks Renick!"
 photo DSC00636.jpg

"What was that?!"
 photo DSC00640.jpg

Rockin' the sideways cap.
 photo DSC00653.jpg

Dad enjoying his favorite time of the day.
 photo DSC00657.jpg

"Whadda ya think you're doin' over there?"
 photo DSC00661.jpg

About to fall into a milk-drunk induced slumber.
 photo DSC00665.jpg

"Look how long I am!"
 photo DSC00687.jpg

Just before her balloon bit the dust.
 photo DSC00728.jpg

Fed and happy.
 photo DSC00730.jpg

Full-on milk-drunk...
 photo DSC00739.jpg

...and a very happy milk-drunk at that.
 photo DSC00741.jpg

Wearing the same outfit that her dad wore as a newborn.
 photo DSC00756.jpg

"I like my animal sheets!"
 photo DSC00764.jpg

Tongue out.
 photo DSC00774.jpg

 photo DSC00785.jpg

Well hello there.
 photo DSC00791.jpg

Yet another milk-drunk slumber...
 photo DSC00828.jpg

...and she's dreaming sweetly.
 photo DSC00830.jpg

Beautiful time in the fall foliage.
 photo DSC00909.jpg

She usually sleeps like this, spread out, like her dad does.
 photo DSC00918.jpg

"Dad, that's not where that goes!"
 photo DSC00936.jpg

I really love my family and I couldn't be any happier about being a dad.  There are going to be plenty more updates in the future.

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