Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marilyn is Half a Year Old

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Fatherhood is amazing.  It feels so natural and I love it so much that it is really hard to believe that I ever wasn't a father.  I was made for this.

It has been the privilege of my wife and I to watch and help Marilyn grow.  Kelly is an incredible mother.  In March Marilyn turned 6 months old.  It has taken me a while to put this post together with the wealth of picture and video.  I'm sorry it is late, but I hope you enjoy it.

Trying to explain via words what the past several months of fatherhood have been like would not do it justice.  Pictures and video can't do it justice either, but perhaps they can help.  Enjoy.

A video full of adorableness.

Marilyn Leah Bettner Months 1-6 from Joel Bettner on Vimeo.

A Daddy's dream come true.
 photo 1.jpg

Marilyn did lots of hiking.
 photo 2.jpg

Up high in the mountains.
 photo 3.jpg

Going on her first hut trip.
 photo 4.jpg

Snowing on the way to the hut with Mom and Dad.
 photo 5.jpg

We made it!  Time to get inside and warm up.
 photo 6.jpg

Marilyn loved watching the snow fall outside as we all cuddled by the window.
 photo 7.jpg

Our home for the night, all to ourselves.
 photo 9.jpg

Just the family playing together.
 photo 8.jpg

Marilyn is a superb Yahtzee player and destroyed us on her first game ever.
 photo 10.jpg

Marilyn slept in Daddy's jacket for the night and stayed very warm and cozy.
 photo 11.jpg

Marilyn's first snowman.
 photo 12.jpg

Sleeping in Josh's arms.
 photo 13.jpg

Marilyn loves her Great Auntie Lynn, but was a little hangry at the taking of this picture.
 photo 14.jpg

Haloween = Marilyn-o-lantern.
 photo 15.jpg

A lovely evening hike.
 photo 16.jpg

Being 2 months old is exhausting.
 photo 17.jpg

Cody teaching Marilyn a bit about Jui Jitsu while watching a Monday Night Football Packer game.
 photo 18.jpg

Relaxed in Susan's arms.
 photo 19.jpg

Visiting with Katie and Jennifer.
 photo 20.jpg

Uncle Weston came to visit.
 photo 21.jpg

The best.
 photo 22.jpg

Jack Kurth came to visit Marilyn.  She, understandably, wasn't too pleased about sharing her play area with a boy.
 photo 23.jpg

But Jack and Marilyn got along well for the most part.  Dad made sure that, especially when napping, there was plenty of space between them.
 photo 24.jpg

Marilyn is ready for some mountaineering!
 photo 25.jpg

Marilyn about to have her first skiing experience!
 photo 26.jpg

 photo 27.jpg

 photo 28.jpg

Grandma and Grandad Raffety visit during Thanksgiving!
 photo 29.jpg

Thanksgiving Day photo with Mom.
 photo 30.jpg

Thanksgiving Day photo with Dad.
 photo 31.jpg

Marilyn's first Thanksgiving.
 photo 32.jpg

Three months and happy.
 photo 34.jpg

After shoveling off the driveway and sidewalk it was time for a snowy walk with Dad.
 photo 35.jpg

Walks in the snow are so relaxing.
 photo 36.jpg

 photo 38.jpg

Our Christmas Card Picture!
 photo 39.jpg

Marilyn was pretty happy during the whole photo taking process.
 photo 40.jpg

We had so many adorable Christmas outfits for Marilyn.
 photo 41.jpg

Dad cut down Marilyn's first Christmas tree while out skiing.  She loved looking at the lights and presents underneath the tree.
 photo 43.jpg

"I wonder what Santa brought me?"
 photo 44.jpg

Christmas decor on the house.  Marilyn directed how Mom and Dad should hang the lights.
 photo 45.jpg

Bath time.
 photo 42.jpg

Marilyn's first time being held by Grandpa Bettner.
 photo 46.jpg

Marilyn's first time being held by Great Grandma and Grandpa.
 photo 48.jpg

Meeting Great Uncle Larry.
 photo 50.jpg

The sunset Marilyn enjoyed on Christmas eve.
 photo 52.jpg

Marilyn and Mommy on Christmas morning.
 photo 53.jpg

Great Grandpa says "Hello" on Christmas morning.
 photo 54.jpg

Marilyn's favorite present...the wrapping paper of course.
 photo 55.jpg

Four generations of family.
 photo 57.jpg

Family portrait.
 photo 58.jpg

With Uncle Brice, Uncle Weston and Aunt Leah.
 photo 59.jpg

She's had enough of being photogenic.
 photo 56.jpg

She loved the dogs and the dogs loved and watched over her.
 photo 60.jpg

Marilyn taking nap time on the same blanket that her Dad used as a little baby.
 photo 61.jpg

Marilyn's first basketball game and it is her beloved Bucknell Bison!
 photo 62.jpg

Marilyn and Mommy where she got engaged to Daddy.
 photo 63.jpg

Marilyn and Daddy in the exact spot where he asked Mommy to marry him.
 photo 64.jpg

Marilyn enjoyed this beautiful sunset from the engagement spot.
 photo 65.jpg

"Grandma, I'm ready to go shovel the driveway!"
 photo 66.jpg

A walk through Great Grandparent's woods in the snow.
 photo 67.jpg

Which lead to Marilyn seeing another beautiful sunset.
 photo 68.jpg

More Bucknell Basketball!
 photo 69.jpg

Marilyn playing with her good friends, the Warns sisters!
 photo 74.jpg

In NJ for Auntie Erin and Uncle Evan's baby shower.
 photo 71.jpg

Playtime with Grandma Raffety.
 photo 72.jpg

 photo 73.jpg

Marilyn came with Daddy to the Ski Industry Association tradeshow to help close some deals.
 photo 76.jpg

"Look how high I can hold my head!"
 photo 77.jpg

Marilyn is often a delight when you walk in to get her from her crib in the morning.
 photo 78.jpg

"I can stand like a big girl!"
 photo 75.jpg

"I'm making something for you Daddy!  It will be in my diaper in about 2 minutes."
 photo 81.jpg

Marilyn had an adorable Valentine's Day outfit.
 photo 82.jpg

"Will you be my Valentine?"
 photo 83.jpg

Meeting Doug.
 photo 88.jpg

Play time with Dad.
 photo 79.jpg

"How many fingers can I fit in my mouth?"
 photo 89.jpg

Marilyn likes playing with her toys on Mom and Dad's bed.
 photo 80.jpg

Family slumber party.
 photo 84.jpg

Shower time.
 photo 90.jpg

"I sit like a big girl now."
 photo 92.jpg

One of the many walking adventures with Dad.
 photo 85.jpg

Getting ready for her first solid food.
 photo 94.jpg

Careful or Dad might eat it before you.
 photo 95.jpg

Learning to might take a while.
 photo 87.jpg

Starting to enjoy her solid foods.
 photo 96.jpg

Even branching out to several different kinds of solid foods.
 photo 100.jpg

Marilyn's not quite ready to start using the spoon herself.
 photo 103.jpg

And sometimes she would just prefer to have milk instead.
 photo 114.jpg

Aunt Leah comes for a visit and Marilyn gets to try some chicken wing sauce.
 photo 93.jpg

Shoulder rides on Dad.  Somehow he always seems to be more bald afterwards.
 photo 99.jpg

Sleeping in the swing is the best when you're a baby and are feeling sick.
 photo 101.jpg

So darn cute.
 photo 102.jpg

Marilyn's first outdoor, solid food, dinner.
 photo 104.jpg

Testing out Daddy's skis.
 photo 105.jpg

Brunch outside with Mommy in her pajamas.
 photo 106.jpg

Marilyn likes to relax in the hammock.
 photo 107.jpg

In NJ again with Auntie Julie.
 photo 108.jpg

Being held by Fitz.
 photo 109.jpg

With friends and family getting ready to celebrate her cousin Lucia's baptism.
 photo 110.jpg

"In the name of the Father..."
 photo 111.jpg

So serious.
 photo 112.jpg

Marilyn spent plenty of time with Tom and his beard, so his shenanigans don't even phase her anymore.
 photo 113.jpg

Marilyn stopped by Mommy's class room to help teach the high schoolers some math.
 photo 115.jpg

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