Thursday, September 22, 2011

2010/2011 Ski Season Highlight Video

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I don't know how other folks do it, but I consider October to be when one ski season ends and another ski season starts.  It is usually when new snow starts to fall in the peaks of Colorado, so any skiing done previously is on "last season's snow" and any skiing done from then forward is done on "this season's snow."

In any case, with October quickly approaching I thought this would be a good opportunity to say farewell to the 2010/2011 ski season and debut my highlight video.  It will be in the special features of the new 4FRNT movie, Loyalty, which will be available online on Monday (9/23/11).  You can also check it out at  

It was the best season I have ever experienced.  Enjoy!

The entirety of this video was filmed in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. After spending most of the season in Colorado I did a large trip to Washington and Oregon to ski some of the PNW's iconic peaks (Rainier, Hood, Adams, Baker, St Helens, Shuksan). It was a wonderful way to top off an amazing ski season.

Thanks to all the people, friends and sponsors that made this season so great. Although the act itself is done individually, skiing is a social endeavor and it wouldn't have been the same without y'all. I've tried to name some of you below. I apologize for anyone that I left out.

-First and foremost thanks to my lovely wife, Kelly, for putting up with me and being so encouraging.
-The University of Colorado Freestyle Ski Team for continuing to push me.
-Mike Bibeau for his tireless editing and putting up with my perfectionism.
-Doug Klepacki, Cory Campbell, Mike Maroney, Geoff Clark, Eric Krall, Palmer Hoyt, Tim Peterson, Patrick Orton, Clayton "Chaz" Roehner, Brian Lindahl, Joel Gratz and Ben Ford for ripping around Colorado with me.
-Josh Smith, Sam Lozier, Greg Hamann, Anita Thompson, Adam Gorski, Ben Krause, the Watkins and the Kurths for being gracious hosts in the PNW.
-Helly Hansen (especially Kelly and Brady) for their great gear and continued support (
-4FRNT for making a fantastic pair of skis that put up with a world of abuse from me (
-Deuter for making a pack that took a season long beating but still looks like new (
-Hestra for making gloves I could manage my gear and stay warm in (

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it...


  1. love the fresh look of the blog. editing of the video looked great too! bring on another great winter. and thanks for the shout out, hopefully you are all set up for this winter.

  2. cheers Joel. glad you're enjoying the PNW!