Friday, June 19, 2015

Ski Season 2014-2015 - The Second Half

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A lot has happened since my last skiing update.  First and foremost, my second daughter - Marjorie Jeanne Bettner - was born.

Even with everything that's going on I've to snuck in a few adventures this season - time and conditions dependent.  After a day skiing on Pikes with Josh, I think I can call the 2014-2015 ski season officially over.  That doesn't mean I won't sneak a day or two in somewhere, but for all intents and purposes, it is the off-season.  Below is are the highlights from the second half of the season (I highlighted my first half of the season in this post: here).

I had some great February ski tours, skied the South and Middle Tetons with Nick, skied Radio Beacon Couloir in Colorado with Davis, had birthday powder skiing, mid-May powder skiing, and even snuck in a 14er.

A fun day with Tim.

I quickly put this video together and entered this video into a little contest.  It got second place...

A great way to turn another year older.

This line was steep and had tricky snow.  Lots of fun with Davis.  Eric and a friend came along but skied another route.

Got on top of a 14er with Ryan.

May was bonkers in Colorado.  Best conditions all season at Abay.  This old fella can still backflip!

Continuation of a tradition. (I finally got this video made so I figured I'd add it here.)

Playing in the woods with Tim.
South Teton with Nick and Aaron.

South Teton with Nick and Aaron.
Middle Teton with Nick, Aaron and Derek.

Radio Beacon with Davis.
Eric took this pic from above of Davis and I in Radio Beacon.  Steep!

Weathered out on a mission with Ryan and Billy.

A fun tour with Jay.

Pikes with Josh and the family.

It was another great season sliding on snow.  Bring on the next!!

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