Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pre-Baby Summer Extravaganza

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Less than 2 weeks until Baby Bettner is due!!
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As many of you know, our little bundle of joy is due at the end of August.  Kelly and I have done the best we can to make the most of our summer until then.  Here's a little recap of what we've been up to.

June 1 - June 6: Southwest Road Trip
In early June Kelly's parents visited us at our new home before we all went on a little southwestern road trip.  We started in Arches National Park.

Kelly holding up Landscape Arch.
 photo DSC05722.jpg

 photo DSC05736.jpg

 photo DSC05740.jpg

Kelly and her dad enjoying a view of the LaSal mountains.
 photo DSC05753.jpg

After leaving the Moab area we drove down to the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona to see Canyon de Chelly (pronounced "shay").

Kelly and her mom with Spider Rock in the background.
 photo DSC05765.jpg

Ancient cliff dwellings in the canyon.
 photo DSC05769.jpg

 photo DSC05771.jpg

 photo DSC05772.jpg

Watching for raptors (aka "birds of prey" to the non-birder) on the canyon rim.
 photo DSC05788.jpg

What a touristy family...
 photo DSC05795.jpg

From Canyon de Chelly, Kelly's parents continued to their home in Tucson and Kelly and I made our way home with 2-night stop at the Apple Lodge Bed & Breakfast in the San Luis valley.  On our drive from Arizona to the San Luis valley we made stops at the 4-corners, Mesa Verde National Park and Wolf Creek Pass.

Kelly at the 4-corners.
 photo DSC05796.jpg

Dorking out at the 4-corners, haha.
 photo DSC05798.jpg

Kelly at the start of a Mesa Verde cliff dwelling tour.
 photo DSC05804.jpg

 photo DSC05811.jpg

Apparently the builders were small people.  I almost had to get pried out of this doorway.
 photo DSC05816.jpg

Wolf Creek pass shortly before the big wild fire.
 photo DSC05820.jpg

 photo DSC05825.jpg

From our bed & breakfast in the San Luis valley we were able to take advantage of our third National Park of the trip - Great Sand Dunes.  We also saw Zapata Falls and played a rousing game of miniature golf.

Temporary creek at GSNP.
 photo DSC05831.jpg

Standing atop "Big Dune."
 photo DSC05836.jpg

Kelly reaching the top of "Big Dune."
 photo DSC05839.jpg

 photo DSC05840.jpg

Zapata Falls - a waterfall in a narrow slot canyon.
 photo DSC05847.jpg

Mini golfing at the Apple Lodge Bed & Breakfast.
 photo DSC05851.jpg

June 16 - June 22:  Royal Family Kids Camp
Not long after the road trip Kelly and I had a remarkable week at Royal Family Kids Camp.  RFKC is a camp for foster, abused and/or neglected children.  At camp these kiddos get the opportunity to feel like kids and celebrate personal successes, something many of them rarely get to experience.  It is truly an amazing week.  I have no pictures, because we are not allowed to take pictures at camp for the protection of the children (it's the law).  If you want to make a difference in the life of a child, I strongly recommend you check out Royal Family Kids Camp.  It will change your life for the better.

June 25 - June 27:  Gore Range Grand Traverse
At the end of June I did the Gore Range Grand Traverse with Jake and Blair.  I already wrote about that HERE.

Gore Range Grand Traverse.
 photo IMG_0542-1.jpg

Atop North Traverse Peak.
 photo GOPR0503.jpg

July 1 - July 22:  PA Work and Family Visit
Last summer I worked for Global Mountain Solutions.  It has been great getting to continue working with GMS this summer as well.  The GMS jobs involve doing mountain rescue and access work for seismic crews on natural gas fields.  My first stint this summer was in my homeland - Pennsylvania.  The weather was hot, but the scenery was certainly fantastic.  It had everything from fields of blueberries, to black bears, to deer, to old growth forrest, to rattle snakes to natural artesian springs.  Every once in a while, when the group that I was working with took a break, I got to set up my hammock on beautiful vistas.

Not a bad day at the office.
 photo DSC05878.jpg

So lush...
 photo DSC05881.jpg

Trust me, the job isn't all that easy.  I just don't feel like taking pictures of the difficult stuff.
 photo DSC05887.jpg

Not a bad view for my morning bathroom break.
 photo DSC05894.jpg

Checking out Hyner View - a common paraglider and hang glider launch.
 photo GOPR0548.jpg

July 23 - August 2:  Colorado Time with Kelly
Upon returning to Colorado from the east, I did my best to take advantage of some good flying weather.  I finally got off the ground at Kenosha Pass!

Kelly and I spent a lot of quality time together, too.  We hadn't been together much since I had been working out east, and it was great to get some quality time.  One of the highlights was painting her belly like a baseball for a Brewers v. Rockies game.  Our good friend Renick Christopherson hooked us up with a terrific experience at the stadium, too.

Family portrait.
 photo 4-Familyportrait.jpg

We made it on TV!
 photo 5-Dancingonthejumbotron.jpg

The legend, Bob Uecker.
 photo 6-SeeingBobEucher.jpg

Behind the scoreboard.
 photo 7-Behindthescoreboard.jpg

Changing the score.
 photo 8-Changingthescore.jpg

The Brewers win!
 photo 9-TheBrewerswin.jpg

Of course, a good amount of our quality time was also spent together in the mountains.

Loch Lamond.
 photo DSC05909.jpg

Off-roading fun with the truck.
 photo DSC05922.jpg

 photo DSC05925.jpg

Everything about this picture is awesome.

August 3 - August 16:  CO Work
At the beginning of August I got a call from GMS about more mountain rescue/access work.  This time the work was in Colorado instead of Pennsylvania.  With a baby on the way and the work being within driving distance in case anything happened, I couldn't turn down the opportunity.  Although this job was also for seismic work on natural gas fields, this project was in a much different stage than those in Pennsylvania.  Therefore, my work was a little bit different as well.

My morning commute.

My Evening Commute.

August 16 - Baby Bettner:  Joel & Kelly Time
Right now Kelly and I are just tending our garden and prepping our home for the arrival of our first born!

Daily harvesting.
 photo DSC05935.jpg

The nursery is ready.
 photo DSC05932.jpg

I'm so extremely blessed.

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