Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March Radness

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The past month has been a whirlwind of activity, so I'm sorry about this being a bit belated.  Baby Bettner has grown considerably, there were some great snow days, Kelly and I bought and moved into a house, I passed the P/1 Actuarial Exam, my Bucknell Bison won the Patriot League and made the NCAA tournament, and I took members of CUFST up to Jackson, WY for spring break.

I had the opportunity to get out and shoot with wonderful photographers Connor Walberg and Julie Weinberger this month.  Julie is a longtime friend of mine and it was great to catch up with her at her home in Jackson.  I had a good time making the video this month and I hope it portrays not only my excitement, but also the excitement of those I'm with.

Now for the pics and video...

Vail photoshoot #1...HEY EVERYBODY, COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK! (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW032213-0039-1.jpg

Vail photoshoot #2, with Chris Anthony. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW032213-0168.jpg

Vail photoshoot #3, with Chris Anthony.  Vail used this one on their website. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW032213-0231.jpg

Got this out of the way before heading up to Jackson.  WAHOO!
 photo IMG_0398.jpg

Sunrise photoshoot on Teton Pass. (Photo by Julie Weinberger)
 photo 20130325_JW_JoelBettner2.jpg

Contrails in the sunrise. (Photo by Julie Weinberger)
 photo 20130325_JW_JoelBettner.jpg

Some morning pow on Teton Pass. (Photo by Julie Weinberger)
 photo image.jpeg

Atop Cody Peak with The Grand in the background.
 photo GOPR0283.jpg

Mitch Parsons getting used to his coach's shenanigans.
 photo GOPR0282.jpg

Jake and I launching for a simul-speedride.
 photo Speedfly8.jpeg

 photo Speedfly7.jpeg

NoName Peak in the background.
 photo Speedfly5.jpeg

Comin' in hot.
 photo Speedfly1.jpeg

On final approach.
 photo Speedfly2.jpeg

Teton Gravity Research (TGR) was doing their first ever ski test while we were there.  We got to be their first official ski testers.  It was pretty awesome to get to see the TGR facilities and meet the folks who make the amazing videos.  Huge thanks to Gavin Gibson and Mike Hardaker for their hospitality.

At the office.
 photo GOPR0317.jpg

We got "early ups" on the tram (access before the public) to do a video shoot for the ski test.  It was a pretty sweet experience to be in such an iconic spot early on a beautiful morning.
 photo GOPR0326.jpg

While doing the ski test I had an unfortunate collision with one of my team kids.  My knee got pretty messed up, but it should heal on its own in a few weeks.

The day I got back from Wyoming, Kelly and I closed on a house.  A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Devan Corona, Andre Landau, Jake Skeen, Kirk Drogsvold, Sam Seward, the Warns family and the Seabold family for helping me move.  With a gimpy leg and a pregnant wife I wouldn't have been able to do it myself.

Welcome to the Bettner's!
 photo IMG_0372.jpg

Keeping the knee immobilized.
 photo IMG_0397.jpg

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