Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow...It's Kinda Like Magic

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The past couple weeks have seen significant improvement in Colorado snow conditions. Several storms rolled through the state, some of which deposited dream-quality snow.  I'm talking about light, fluffy, engulf-your-whole-body flakes.  The season, although generally thin with snow, has delivered some great days.

Again, I've had the honor of taking advantage of the snow with some great photographers (Connor Walberg and Andy Lussie), great kids that I coach on CUFST, and great friends.  I also had the opportunity to experience Battle Pass Mountain Guides for 2 days.  It was a huge surprise that blew my mind. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Enough with my babbling, let's take a look at some video and pictures.

Pensive on a snowy day...anticipating good action.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0033.jpg

Dropping.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0140.jpg

CUFST alumnus and good friend, Geoff Clark, had soggy bases.  He decided to air them out.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0162.jpg

Geoff and I had a lot of fun skiing together.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0206.jpg

Dual coldsmoke.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0273.jpg

Geoff playing with the terrain.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0247.jpg

"In the white room..."  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0268.jpg

"In the government yard in Trench Town..."  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0199.jpg

Coming up for air.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0283.jpg

Geoff just feeling his way around.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0171.jpg

Popping this pillow was my only glimpse of vision for a 100 yard stretch.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0185.jpg

Into the lower trees...  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0219.jpg

...and it is still deep.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0224.jpg

My smile would be bigger, but the ice held my face in place (honestly).  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW021513-0287.jpg

Good to get out with a little sunshine.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW022513-0081.jpg

Still a little fluff left out there.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW022513-0111.jpg

A little sunshine + a little fluff = a little air.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW022513-0130-3.jpg

CUFST athlete Tim Peterson with a BEAUTIFUL shot.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW022513-0122.jpg

Soft and creamy.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW022513-0227.jpg

Poppy and responsive.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW022513-0171.jpg

Fast and smooth.  (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW022513-0218.jpg

Even though we've had some great storms recently the snowpack is still thin in general.  I haven't been jumping off of anything big this season for fear of hitting things under the snow (like several of my friends have).  My decision making has certainly been affected by the fact that I'm going to be a dad.  Previously, I would have taken the extra risk involved with big cliffs in this snowpack (I wouldn't be reckless, I'd just accept a bit more risk).  I think it has been interesting to see how my decision making has changed given that a child will depend on me soon. I'M SO EXCITED TO BE A DAD!  I'll have my opportunities to jump off of big cliffs, I just have to wait until the conditions are right.

Totally worth it.


  1. Is it just me... or are you literally just skiing blind in some of those spots?

    1. Is it considered being blind if I'm using The Force?

      But no, it isn't just you. It take some practice to be able to ski in trees with snow that deep. You get your glimpses of visibility and then go back under and use what you saw when you were above.