Friday, February 8, 2013

The Ski Season So Far - In Pictures

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It has been a slow start to the snowfall this ski season in Colorado...again.  I find it a bit amusing to hear people whine and complain about it though.  For goodness sake, we're skiers!  We're blessed to even have the opportunity.  Plus, it is pretty easy to have fun out skiing in the mountains regardless of the conditions.  If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!

I've used the "low tide" as an opportunity to do a lot of extra teaching and practice of backcountry safety with CUFST.  That way, when some snow fell, we were able to get out and take advantage of the conditions in a responsible way.  After a couple big storms produced fantastic conditions (see pics below) we had an absolute blast as we reaped the benefits.

I've had the wonderful opportunity to get out and shoot photos with some great photographers like Connor Walberg and Andy Lussie.  I owe them a big thanks for their work.  I hope y'all enjoy taking at some of their shots below.

Because the weather has been so dry, with big temperature swings, we've had a lot of this.
 photo IMG_0669_zps1121f9c5.jpg

Avy safety #1 (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0194.jpg

Avy safety #2 (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0263.jpg

Always good to get a little new snow and be in the alpine. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0399.jpg

CUFST action (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0407.jpg

When the conditions were right I had a few opportunities to get out and "spread my wings" (see previous blog post).
 photo IMG_0679_zps535e25bb.jpg

Big storm with snow up to the knees when I've got skis on = smile. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0005.jpg

Pillow-pop #1. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0055.jpg

Pillow-pop #2. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0056.jpg

Coming up for air in-between turns. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0232.jpg

Little pillows #1. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0203.jpg

Little pillows #2. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0211.jpg

Little pillows #3. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0215.jpg

Yummy. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0257.jpg

Looming storm. (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0118.jpg

Trenching #1 (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0087.jpg

Trenching #2 (Photo by Connor Walberg)
 photo CNW020113-0247.jpg

Oh what a beautiful morning. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo joelhike.jpg

Sure is purdee up here. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0645.jpg

Skittles scouting lines. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0730.jpg

Hooper doing his MJ impression. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo mattRB.jpg

Getting what I can out of a dusting. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0767.jpg

Rowe ripping some north-facing freshies. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0802.jpg

Trying to splash some of that fresh into my face. (Photo by Andy Lussie)
 photo IMG_0811-1.jpg

There is supposed to be a storm rolling into the state this weekend.  Hopefully I'll be able to fill you in on some more adventures soon!

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