Monday, January 7, 2013

Learning to Speedfly and Speedride

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A few years ago I heard about a new and very unique sport - speedriding.  I was very intrigued.  It is a sport that is something like a mix of paragliding and skiing.  

I got a brief personal experience with speedriding in 2010.  Unfortunately that was followed by a 2 year hiatus.  Then, last spring I saw several videos that re-sparked my interest and I just had to try it again.

This summer I took a trip to southern California to begin learning how to foot launch a speedwing (the thing that looks like a "parachute").  When launched on foot it is often referred to as speedflying.  Since I am a skier, it was obviously my goal to begin launching the speedwing with skis on.  When launched on skis it is often referred to as speedriding.  This past weekend was my first experience getting a legitimate speedride.  It was great.

If you're still confused about what speedriding/speedflying is, hopefully this video will give you a better idea.  I sure enjoyed making it.  Enjoy!

FYI...for those of you who may be concerned.  I'm doing my best to take this endeavor slowly.  I've been very careful to not get in over my head.  I'm taking baby steps in the learning process and being very conservative with my decision making.


  1. I love the accuracy of landing on that snowmobile track!

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